Bo’s Rainbow Dive Site in

Triton Bay

This shallow dive with sandy slopes is perfect for beginners since the current here is gentle. Even when the currents are strong, staying inside the island’s protected area is possible.

The sloping reef in Bo’s Rainbow is full of black corals and giant boulders, covered in soft corals, crinoids, and tunicates in various colors and shapes. Among these colonies of orange cup corals and magenta gorgonian corals are often surrounded by schooling fusiliers, spadefish, bumphead parrotfish, angelfish (including six- banded, blue-ring, and emperor angelfish), and surgeonfish.

The critters in Bo’s Rainbow will not disappoint any macro lovers. Especially if you fancy a night dive, there are plenty of flatworms, skeleton shrimps, cowries, and nudibranchs, including Spanish Dancer.

Did you know that

Bo’s Rainbow

is in

Triton Bay