Christmas Rock Dive Site in

Triton Bay

Located south of Aiduma Island, the name of this dive site should give a good omen. Once descending underwater, the black coral bushes are laid out in gold, white, red, and yellow as far as the eye can see. Different species of corals, like cup corals in orange and green covering large boulders, add to the rainbow-like coral garden in this area.

The fish in this dive site are everywhere! Fusiliers, snapper, cardinals, damselfish, goatfish, bannerfish, angelfish, sweetlips, parrotfish, porgies, and goatfish are some species that dominate the scenery in Christmas Rock.

For macro enthusiasts, flatworms, cuttlefish, pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, shrimp, and frogfish are there among the corals for those with sharp eyes since these creatures are tiny and capable of perfect camouflaging.

Did you know that

Christmas Rock

is in

Triton Bay