Crystal Rock Dive Site in

Komodo National Park

Similar to Castle Rock, the current in Crystal Rock tends to be strong and highly recommended for experienced  divers. But this is one of the two sites in Komodo aside from Manta Point, where you can see bamboo sharks.

Diving here means beautiful coral gardens, fan corals, tiny pygmy seahorses, octopuses, nudibranchs, small crabs,  and shrimps will greet you. Some grey reefs sharks, white tip and black tips sharks, schools of batfish, giant  trevallies, schools of tuna, eagle rays, snappers, huge schools of fusiliers, Napoleon wrasse, groupers, angel fish,  parrotfish, thousands of anthias, and schools of yellow-ribbon sweetlips will be happy to showcase their beauties.

Did you know that

Crystal Rock

is in

Komodo National Park