Little Komodo Dive Site in

Triton Bay

Located north of Aiduma Island, Little Komodo is well-known for its huge boulders, both soft and hard corals. Black coral bushes provide the perfect shelter for many critters, such as pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, and different species of shrimps. The variety of corals in pastel colors also helps wobbegong sharks camouflage perfectly.

The abundance of these corals ensures the thriving of various fish species. Butterflyfish, wrasses, surgeonfish, triggerfish, coral trouts, and cuttlefish move swiftly among the coral reefs. At the same time, the school of anthias, damselfish, fusiliers, sweetlips, hunting jacks, barracudas, and snappers create a symphony of movements to captivate divers.

The currents in this dive site are usually strong, specifically the wall within the 20 meters and beyond, and often inaccessible.

Did you know that

Little Komodo

is in

Triton Bay