Manta Sandy & Manta Ridge Dive Site in

Raja Ampat

Geographically, these two dive sites are not within each other’s perimeter, but they share a common trait aside from their similar names: both are the cleaning stations for manta rays. If your purpose in diving in Raja Ampat is to witness this majestic creature and all their glory, then these two sites are your best choices.

Black manta—which covers 40% of the manta ray population in Raja Ampat—can be seen roaming around the region with cobias, golden trevallies, and remorse trail to clean the parasite off the body of the manta ray.

Other marine life in the area includes turtles, bump head parrotfish, moon wrasse, black eye thick lips, as well as blacktip reef sharks.

Did you know that

Manta Sandy & Manta Ridge

is in

Raja Ampat