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Located in Wangi-Wangi, Nua Shark Point is one of the must-visit dive sites in Wakatobi. Reachable by boat and only a five-minute journey from Sombu Jetty, this area is unique due to the frequent sighting of the shark, hence its name.

To see the blacktip sharks, the depth and the timing are essential. Once you descend into 20- 25 meters depth, you will see a group of sharks lurking around, and you need to dive in the morning and afternoon when the visibility is excellent. You will see not only the adult sharks but also the juvenile ones.

Aside from the blacktip sharks, divers will also enjoy the complex coral formations on the sea bed, while yellow-fin barracudas, eagle rays, snapper, parrotfish, and scorpionfish are swimming gracefully among the corals. The soft corals in the shallower depth provide a rainbow-like scenery due to their various colors.

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