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Day 1: Day of Arrival – Ambon 

Pick up the guests at Ambon Airport and then board Jakare. Depending on the time of arrival, the first day will be dedicated to settling in, introduction to our boat, our crew, safety procedures presentation of the itinerary, and various options. Possibly a check dive will be done.

Day 2: Ambon 

The second day will be dedicated to a check dive (if not done the first day) and two muck dives will be organized in the bay of Ambon. We will leave for Nusa Laut after dinner and sail overnight.

Day 3: Nusa Laut 

Jakare will arrive in Nusa Laut early morning. The Island is located approximately 55 NM West of Ambon. It lies just off the southwestern corner of the island, separated from it by a deep channel. We will plan two dives out of a reef, either slope or wall diving. After the dives, Jakare will sail overnight southward, toward Banda Island (80NM).

Day 4-5: Banda Islands 

This group of islands around Banda Neira is famous for its history (famous for being the only place where nutmeg grew)and also it’s spectacular and exceptional diving. The two days stay around Banda Island will be dedicated to visiting historical places (museum and fort) and dive various exceptional dive sites. Sea lives if abundant there and the chances of encountering large pelagic are high, including the famous schools of Hammerhead sharks, Mobula rays, dogtooth tunas, and enormous schools of fusiliers. We will also show you the famous mandarin fish and other small critters in the port of Banda. After the exploration of the Banda Islands, we will sail overnight northeasterly toward the south-eastern point of Seram island namely a small island called Pulau Koon (85NM).

Day 6: Pulau Koon & Pulau Madorang 

We will reach Pulau Koon in the early morning and plan our dives according to the tides and currents. The dives there offer plenty of marine life, from big fishes to small reef creatures. The all food chain is on open display, from reef fishes feeding on rich waters full of nutrients to big pelagic creatures, including schools of fusiliers and surgeonfishes, giant trevallies, large groupers but also sharks and sometimes manta or Mobula rays. After two dives at Pulau Koon, around the same dive site, Jakare will head to Pulau Madorang on the way to South Raja Ampat (20NM). We will stop for a wall dive and then head north and sail overnight to Misool (92NM).

Day 7-11: Misool 

We will arrive by midday in the Misool Area and will start the discovery of underwater and above water wonders in coordination with the local authorities and hotels. Hence the locations and dive sites below may be explored in a different sequence depending on the situation at the time of the cruise.

  • Misool Boo Area: In the Boo area, we will dive Boo Window, a reference dive site with extraordinary tunnels or openings piercing the rock from the surface to underwater below. Other dive sites include Bo West, Magic Mountain, and/or Yiliet Kecil, both sites knowns for their huge gorgonian sea fans and lots of reef fishes and sea life including turtles, reef sharks, barracudas, and even some mantas if we are lucky.
  • Misool Fiabecet: In the Fiabecet area, we will dive into a well-known and famous Fiabacet Ridge where pelagic fishes and turtles can be seen. This site offers great underwater ridges connecting Tank Rock and Nudi Rock sites. Fiabacet Pinnacle and Whale Rock offer great soft corals and are rich in healthy fish life including small creatures like seahorse Barbiganti and Denise pygmy.
  • Misool Wayil Area: We will dive into the breath-taking Neptune Fan Sea channel and its profusion of big gorgonians sea fans. We will also dive Four King where a very healthy fish life (both pelagic and coral fishes) can be observed in a very specific underwater topography made of four pinnacles. Other nice dive sites include Barracuda point, wedding cake, and Dunia Kecil.
  • Misool PelePele’s Playground, the most westerly side of the Waaf’s island group delivers often a spectacle with schools of anchovies and pelagic predators. Kaleidoscope, on Pele North West side, is well known for its black coral and multi-colors soft corals and gorgonian fans. Manta rays have been spotted in this area where again very healthy fish life can be observed in shallow and deeper parts.
  • Misool Balbulol and Farondi: Balbulol offer not only excellent diving sites but also amazing landscape above water with crystal clear water, limestone mounts, and small hidden lagoons. The dive sites include Baby Rock, Balbulol Corner, Balbulol plateau, and many others. Drop off, canyon, pinnacle, and a healthy fish life with beautiful hard and soft corals in shallow waters. Guests may enjoy the discovery of the surrounding with Kayaks and SUP as well as superb snorkeling. Jakare will leave for Sorongin in the afternoon and will sail overnight (80NM).

Day 12: Last Day – Check out 

The last day will be dedicated to traveling back to Sorong (mainly overnight) and getting ready for the end of the cruise. Filling the diving logbooks, stamping the logbook by the Diving Instructor/divemaster, and exchanging addresses and photos from the wonderful time spent together. A small ceremony will be organized onboard the Jakare before leaving the boat to the airport or hotel.

This diving cruise is a combination of amazing diving sites and historical sites. It starts with Ambon, one of the most famous Indonesian muck diving destinations, followed by the remote and wild Banda Islands and its diversity of dive sites. Located in the south-eastern point of Seram Island, Pulau Koon and Pulau Madorong offer also marine life at its best in impressive wealth. The final destination, Misool, with one of the richest biodiversity in the world is not to be missed. This dream destination has 425 km2 of Marine Protected Area (Z.M.P) delineated at the initiative of the Eco-resort of Misool as part of a sustainable development project and in agreement with the local population. Extended in 2010 to 1220 km2, this place offers a real festival of huge gorgonians, corals with a thousand colors, and an incalculable diversity of fish. A wonderful and preserved underwater ecosystem. Misool’s landscapes are not to be outdone with its lagoons and sugar loaves, its dense and green mangroves, as well as its deserted beaches.

Note: duration spent in each of the main locations (Ambon, Banda Sea, Koon, and Misool) may be modified as per the guest’s wishes. Ambon muck diving may be deleted and Raja Ampat Central may be added. Alternative itineraries may be requested and proposed on-demand.

Note: This route is for information only. It may vary depending on the weather and conditions on board. The daily progress will be presented, discussed, and confirmed with the guests every night for the next day’s schedule. We will always observe a 24-hour interval between the last dive and the departure flight.

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Banda Sea – Raja Ampat (Ambon-Sorong)

From: $5280 /pp
November 3, 2024
Ambon (AMQ)
November 14, 2024
Sorong (SOQ)

Banda Sea – Raja Ampat (Ambon-Sorong)