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Day 1: Transfer to the boat upon arrival, welcome drink, and accommodation. Check dive inside Kalabahi Bay, first dive in Mucky Mosque, a slope covered in corals with sights of octopus, leaffish, mantis shrimp and morays, and second (and last) dive in the Pertamina Jetties, an excellent muck site with ghost pipefish, seahorse, frogfish, mandarin fish.

Day 2: First dive at Clownfish Valley, probably the largest anemone field in the world. After breakfast, visit a village to witness traditional Ikat weaving. Second dive at The Boardroom, a slope covered in hard and soft corals, with lots of fish and eagle rays swimming in the blue. Afternoon dive in The Cathedral (currently allowed), and night dive inside Kalabahi Bay.

Day 3: First dive at The Great Wall of Pantar; second dive at Tanjung Elalara, a slope that turns into a wall, with good coral coverage, schools of fish and the od snake, morays or mantis shrimp. Afternoon and night dives at Beang Abang, a critter dive in a small beach with hot springs, where ribbon eels, frogfish, and even Rhinopias can be found.

Day 4: Dive the Straits of Alor, in Cave Point, a wall with many pockets an islet, Babylon, hanging gardens of soft corals, sponges and fans, and Kal’s Dream, a ridge exposed to currents that offer some adrenaline diving and pelagic fauna. Night dive in front of a freshwater creek at Pancoran.

Day 5: Dive West Pantar, in current, swept sites such as Pulau Kambing, a small inlet featuring a big boulder with anarch and schools of fish, a pinnacle with a sprouting little ridge that attracts a lot of fishlife, and Watu Ile, a small wall with a swim-through at 26m. Night dive at a nearby reef.

Day 6-7: Morning visit to the village of Lamakera, dedicated to traditional whaling and manta hunting, but currently undergoing a sponsored program to become a conservation center to study manta populations. After breakfast, dive Pulau Soangi, featuring terraces covered in soft corals, caves, canyons and a swim-through across the island, or if the weather doesn’t allow it, dive Tanjung Lowokuma instead, a slope with scattered coral heads, fans, sponges and glassfish, schools of fish and critters. Afternoon dive and night dive in The Brewery, an excellent muck site in West Lembata.

Day 8: First dive in Tanjung Gedong, along a wall with a couple of pinnacles rising from it, sporting reef sharks, tuna, barracuda, and schools of fish. Second dive in West Serbete, a ridge covered in hard corals with schooling silvery fish and sharks. Third dive in Watu Peni, a drift dive along a wall with turtles, eagle ray, and napoleon wrasse. Night dive inside a nearby bay.

Day 9: Dive in Maumere, with multiple critters including ribbon eel, ghost pipefish and frogfish, and a small wreck of a sailing boat. Arrive Maumere in the afternoon and prepare to fly the morning after.

Day 10: Check out.

Marine Life: Swarms of anthias, schools of fusiliers, surgeons and snappers, rays and patrolling grey reef sharks, barracudas, snake eels, mantis shrimps, octopus, Bobbit worms, flying gurnard, lionfish, and Rhinopias

Itineraries are only orientative and might be modified due to weather conditions, sea conditions and other external causes.

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Flores & Alor

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October 1, 2024
Maumere (MOF)
October 10, 2024
Kalabahi (KOE)

Flores & Alor