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Our staff will welcome you upon your arrival at Ternate airport (please see the internal flight schedule in the « travel info section) or will pick you up from your hotel if you are already in Ternate. A short ride will transfer you to the boat.

DAY 2-14

Starting from Ternate, we first reach the group of Goraici islands where many seamounts offer gorgeous dive sites: bommies covered with colorful soft corals, blacktip sharks, tunas, and other pelagics.

Going more South came to another group of islands (Kusu isl, Sale isl.), at the very North of Patientie strait. The strait currents forced around the islands brings an intense life to those dive sites which are definitely among the most beautiful of Indonesia. We still go further south into the Pantientie strait to the island of Pigajara for a wooden shipwreck and beautiful dives.

The next stop is at Pisang islands, between Halmahera and Misool. This isolated island with a  few satellite rocks is home to intense underwater life: millions of triggerfish, schools of surgeonfish, bump head parrotfish, Spanish mackerels and tunas passing by.

We then reach the island of Misool at the Southern part of Raja Ampat. We stay there for three days and dive the best sites. Gorgonian forests, lot of soft corals, and intense fish life.

From Misool, we head to Koon, at the eastern tip of Seram islands. The dive site there has been named “too many fish”. A drop off with schools of trevallies, surgeonfish, barracudas, and hopefully hammerhead sharks. On the upper part there is a sandy slope with boomies, huge groupers and schools of spadefish.

Our next step is the Banda islands. In the center of the Banda Sea, those islands have been at the center of the spices trade and war in the 16th century. The diving around those islands is very good. One of the highlights is a dive along the lava flow of the “Gunung Api” (the fire mountain); the last eruption was in 1988 and we can see how the corals and huge sponges did grow back since then. We will do a land visit to Banda Neira in the afternoon, visiting the village, the museum and the fort.

If the weather forecast and sea conditions are good enough the trip will go down south until Serua island, the best place for encounters with schooling hammerheads. Two days of fabulous diving around this tiny island lost in the middle of the Banda Sea. From Serua we will be back to Suanggi island, a few miles away from the Banda islands it is also a great spot for hammerhead sharks and other pelagics.  Our last day of diving is on the island of Nusa Laut or in the bay of Ambon for some muck diving.

DAY 15

Disembarkation after breakfast. Transfer to Ambon airport.

This itinerary is just an example of what the cruise can be. Neither the number of dives nor the dive locations are terms of the contract. According to the sea conditions, the visibility, the new discoveries we can do, and the wishes of the guests, the itinerary, and dives performed during your cruise can be slightly different from what is presented here.

Halmahera’s Marine Life: Baracuda Schools, Mantas, Sharks, Hippocampus Denise, Bagibant, Rhinopias, Wonderpus, Mimic Octopus, Nudibranchs

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Halmahera- Misool – Ring of Fire

From: $7591 /pp
September 19, 2024
Ternate (TTE)
October 3, 2024
Ambon (AMQ)

Halmahera- Misool – Ring of Fire