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Itinerary Outline

The following is an outline of the trip. We do not describe specific destinations as these are subject to change on a trip-by-trip basis.
Day 1:
Guests arrive
Pick up from hotels and/or airport
Transfer to the Seahorse
Cabin allocation
Welcome briefing
Once all guests are onboard and port clearance is complete the boat will depart
Sail to Dampier Strait arriving late pm/early am the following morning

Day 2 – 11:
Diving (we aim for 3-day dives and 1-night dive per day)

Day 12:
Diving AM only. 1 maybe 2 dives depending on your flights the following day
Equipment washed and hung to dry
Relax and enjoy the afternoon as we sail back to Sorong
Arrive in Sorong late PM/Early AM the following day

Day 13:
Disembark Sorong
Transfer to Airport in time for your flight

A typical day onboard
The day starts with a light breakfast of fresh fruit, cakes, toast, tea, fresh coffee and cereals served from 6am onwards to take care of your early morning hunger and energise you for the day ahead.

The first dive is usually around 7.30 am. In general we offer 4 dives a day, each of them carefully selected and checked beforehand, assuring we dive with the right conditions. We ring a bell 30 minutes before each dive to give you time to prepare.

Once we are all ready and the dive site has been checked a dive briefing will be given. Then all you need to do is carry your mask on to our tenders where all of your dive equipment and cameras will be waiting for you.

Our comfortable and spacious custom built tenders will take you to the dive site where you can gear up and begin your dive.

Each guest with a camera is given a dedicated camera bag to protect their equipment while on the tenders. Our crew are very experienced in handling cameras, large and small.

On return to the boat you will be met with a glass of water and a fresh towel for you to dry yourself. We have two hand showers on the dive deck to rinse yourself. And your camera will be placed beside the two dedicated fresh water rinse buckets for you to rinse as you prefer. The large camera table on the dive deck will also have towels available for you to dry your equipment.

After the first dive we’ll serve a satisfying full cooked breakfast, your choice of bacon, sausages, eggs any style, oatmeal, cereal, fried rice (Nasi Goreng), toast and condiments, rice porridge and fresh orange juice and also tea and fresh coffee.

After breakfast there is time to relax on the sundeck, read a book, chat with your fellow guests, check out your photos on your laptop, take care your camera and housing in our dedicated camera room, or just have a snooze.

The bell to prepare for the second dive rings at 10.30/11.00 and we dive 30 minutes later.

After the second dive lunch is served. We start with a fresh salad and follow with Indonesian or international mains followed by fresh fruits.

Again there is time to rest and relax after lunch.

The third dive is called at 3.30 or thereabouts.

After the third dive we serve a sweet or savoury snack and tea and fresh coffee is available.

Then comes more time to relax. Take the time to enjoy the sunset from the sun-deck while lazing on our giant bean bags and sun-loungers. During the trip there will also be an opportunity to explore the coastline of some of the islands by speed boat.

Then at dusk we ring the bell for the final dive of the day, the night dive.

On return from the night dive you will be met with a cup of hot chocolate or another warm drink of your choice. And as after every dive a fresh towel for you to dry yourself.

Then there is time to shower and freshen up in time for dinner.

Dinner is served around 8pm. Three courses starting with soup of the day, a main course of Indonesian or international cuisine and a freshly prepared dessert.

Hailing from a long tradition of big family home-cooked meals in Spain, we take great pride in offering you a delicious and carefully selected menu prepared by our professional chef.

Maybe then finish the day with a nice glass of wine, while watching the stars and then enjoy a well deserved sleep ready to do it all again the ext day.

Each day follows this routine of dive, eat, sleep, dive, eat, sleep. And we assure you you will enjoy the best diving, the best food and the best hospitality Indonesia has to offer.

(Please note this itinerary and schedule is for illustrative purposes and the number of dives per day and other aspects of the schedule are subject to change without notice. Adverse weather may affect our plans and safety is our priority. But whereever possible we aim to do 4 dives per day.

Raja Ampat’s Marine Life: At least 75 percent of all coral species can be found in Raja Ampat, divers can expect a range of topography from soft corals and sea fans, to hard corals, seagrass beds, mangroves, shallow reefs, deep drop offs, caves, black sand and white sand. Giant manta rays, sea turtles, sharks, cuttlefish, pipefish, various seahorse species and massive schools of reef fish are the norm, plus the delightful wobbegong sharks and epaulette sharks inhabit these waters too

Halmahera’s Marine Life: Baracuda Schools, Mantas, Sharks, Hippocampus Denise, Bagibant, Rhinopias, Wonderpus, Mimic Octopus, Nudibranchs

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Halmahera – Raja Ampat

From: $6818 /pp
April 28, 2025
Ternate (TTE)
May 9, 2025
Sorong (SOQ)

Halmahera – Raja Ampat