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It will be our pleasure to pick you up from your hotel or airport so that you can make the most of the day. Then we will sail west, where you can enjoy the beach, snorkelling or diving on the islands of Bidadari or Sebayur Kecil. A sense of calm reigns on these islands, but underwater the coral reefs are bubbling with life. To end the day, relax with an aperitif while admiring the beautiful sunset. Night diving is optional.



After a morning dive at stunning Tatawa Besar, we go in search of Manta rays at the world-class dive site Manta Point (known to the locals as Karang Makassar). After lunch, we will head to one of the highlights of Komodo diving – Batu Bolong, which presents us a chance to see large pelagic species such as Giant Trevally and Barracuda, as well as sharks and Napoleon Maori Wrasse. Later that afternoon, we set sail for the northwest part of Komodo, for a light trek on the island of Gili Lawa Darat, to witness an amazing Komodo sunset, dipping behind the nearby active volcano of Sangeang. For the night dive, we will stay in the bay close to the trekking area, and dive at the site Stranger Things, for a chance to get your first glimpse of macro life in the national park.



Day three is our personal favourite in terms of diving, and all three of the dives normally conducted on this day are what we would consider unforgettable. The morning is spent on both Crystal Rock and Castle Rock, two submerged pinnacles that are home to an abundance of marine life. Teams of hunting Giant and Big-Eye Trevally patrol the blue waters of the reefs, chasing large schools of smaller fish. Eagle Rays glide effortlessly in the currents whilst the reef sharks hunt for their next meal. The afternoon sees us visit the legendary dive site known as The Cauldron (a.k.a The Shotgun). Famous for its rip-roaring drift dive, it is akin to an underwater rollercoaster that needs to be experienced to be believed, and a ‘bucket list’ dive site for divers from across the world. Hold on until the end of the dive for a big surprise! The night dive will be spent diving on Komodo Bay, depending on mooring conditions.



We wake early in the morning to take in one of Komodo’s world-class golden sunrises followed by one of its best dive sites, the Golden Passage which is a drift dive that offers outstanding coral reef topography, as well as encounters with schools of Sweetlips and Snappers, White Tip Reef Sharks and the occasional passing Manta Ray. During breakfast, Majik will anchor up and head south into the centre of the park, where we will endeavour to dive Police Corner if conditions are favourable, one of the less-known sites in central Komodo. In the afternoon we plan to visit the island of Mauan, where mantas come to visit its cleaning station. Up next is Siaba Besar, a fantastic night dive for the macro photographer, where it is possible to encounter Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Ghost Pipefish, various types of Nudibranchs, as well as the elusive Wunderpus and Blue-Ringed Octopus!



The final dive of your trip will be at Pink Beach, a gorgeous, shallow coral garden with schools of sweetlips and other colourful reef fish. After the morning’s diving and a hearty breakfast, we head on foot to The Island of Komodo, home to the legendary Komodo Dragons in the park. Later that afternoon Majik anchors up and sets sail east to Pulau Kalong, where at sunset an epic number of fruit bats leave this island in search of their sustenance on the mainland of Flores. The nighttime sees our crew arrange a fancy BBQ banquet on the top deck as you take in your final Komodo sunset.



Majik will be anchored up in the morning around 2:00 am in Labuan Bajo, in preparation for you to catch your flight, or check in to your hotel. Guests are welcome to stay onboard until 11:00 am, during which we have the chance to exchange trip images, and contacts so you can keep in touch with newfound dive buddies while we assist you with transportation to your desired location.

Depending on navigation, we offer up to 3/4 dives a day.

The last dive will be on the penultimate day of the trip. Divers are recommended to wait for 24hours before flying after the last dive.

Please note this is a sample itinerary and each Cruise is different. The daily schedule may be adjusted during the Cruises according to your preferences as well as due to current weather conditions, tides, and currents. Your Cruise Director will work with you for the day to day planning.

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Komodo (Labuan Bajo – Labuan Bajo)

From: $3450 /pp
August 27, 2024
Labuan Bajo
Labuan Bajo (LBJ)
September 1, 2024
Labuan Bajo
Labuan Bajo (LBJ)

Komodo (Labuan Bajo – Labuan Bajo)