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Day plan: Each day will, generally, start at 6.30 am with a light self serve breakfast before the first dive. The main breakfast will be served upon return. Lunch is served at 1 pm and dinner at 7 pm.

Where time allows, we will always try to incorporate other activities, whether it’s making use of our watersports equipment or a trip to land to see a point of interest. Or you can choose just to relax and enjoy the many comfortable spaces on board.

The following itinerary can change due to sea state and underwater conditions, we also communicate with other dive operators to ensure we don’t overcrowd dive sites.

Day 1: Pick up, at either hotel (8 am) or airport (6 am – 8 am), and escort to Sorong harbor. We then take the 9 am fast ferry to Waisai harbor, Waigo island. After this 2 hour crossing, we will then board Mikumba 2.

Once onboard, there will be a safety briefing and boat orientation, check dive gear and then guests can get settled in their cabins before lunch and our departure to our first destination.

After a short cruise, we arrive at Mioskon Island, time to gear up and get ready for the test dive. Although this dive is about familiarising yourself with the equipment and conditions, it’s also a fantastic site.

Lots of schooling fish, bommies, soft corals, reef, and, maybe, our first wobbegong shark.

After diving, we can head to the beautiful beach on the island, watch the sunset with a cool drink and see the fruit bat migration before heading to a safe anchorage for the night.

Day 2: The action begins with our first full dive day.

  • Before sunrise, the boat will start cruising to our first dive site, The famous Cape Kri which holds the record for the largest number of species recorded in single dive (over 350).
  • Dive 2 will be at the stunning Yenbuba jetty, a beautiful dive that ends under a wooden jetty, where vast amounts of schooling fish reside.
  • Dive 3 is at Sawan Darek, an amazing soft coral garden, giant clams, and the incredible variety of fish, located in front of this picturesque village, which we can explore.

Then, we enjoy a sunset cruise to Pianemo, the perfect time to get comfy on the sun deck, take a cocktail, relax, and absorb the surroundings as we chase the dipping sun.

Day 3: We begin this day with a short trek to the eco site of Pianamo, This is one of the iconic viewpoints, looking across the fairytale landscape with small mushroom shape islands placed perfectly in the azure lagoon. We like to be at the top for the sunrise, the most magical moment.

  • Dive 1: Our first dive is at Batu Rufas, this beautiful island has a fantastic wall and a swim through the cave, which brings you into a shallow reef garden.
  • Dive 2: After a short cruise we arrive at Mellisa’s Garden. Named after diving pioneer Max Ammer’s daughter, this is an amazing, ancient coral garden. Protected by 3 small islands, it is a perfect, extensive coral field.
  • Dive 3: Our last dive is at My reef, this submerged ridge can hold massive populations of fish and is spectacular with a running current.

After the last dive, we will take you on a secret cruise, we take the dinghy’s and cruise through a jungle-covered canyon and arrive at a secluded beach. Time to enjoy the beach with cool tunes and cocktails.

Day 4: We start with a sunrise cruise, Headed to Yanggefo.

  • Dive 1: Mayhem, as the name suggests, this can is an Awesome dive. A pristine submerged reef, with massive schools of fish, and many species. After this first dive, we will move to one of our favorite anchorages in Mangrove bay, where we can also enjoy other activities. The stand-up paddleboards and kayaks are perfect for exploring the small channels in the mangroves.
  • Dive 2: Citrus Ridge, a submerged reef situated in a channel between Yannggefo and Gam. An incredible array of marine species, one of Raja Ampat’s best sites.
  • Dive 3:Mangrove Ridge, an excellent dive. Prolific soft corals and sea fans and ending the dive in the mangrove roots.

Day 5: Mantas! Today is all about Mantas, at sunrise, we will arrive at Aborek Island and spend the day here. After checking the conditions we will decide which order we will dive the 3 sites here – manta sandy, manta ridge, and Aborek jetty.

After the last dive, we will cruise back to Yenbuba, where we can spend the late afternoon playing coconut golf on a beautiful sand spit that extends hundreds of meters into the crystal blue waters.

After sunset, we will have our favorite night dive under the jetty, a truly amazing experience.

Day 6: We head out into the blue for open ocean sites.

  • Dive 1: Sardine Reef, named because of the huge biomass of schooling fish (not sardines), this gentle sloping submerged ridge should be dived with a current to fully experience this premier site.
  • Dive 2: Blue Magic, this reef covered ridge has magical qualities. A huge variety of schooling fish congregate here and often large ocean manta’s dance overhead. Truly breathtaking on a good day.
  • Dive 3: Mike’s point is a tiny island that pops up in the Dampier straight. Lots of fish, amazing coral gardens and big overhangs, a dive with everything!

After diving, we will head to Friwan Island, have dinner and head to the beach for a night under the stars, we’ll build a fire and enjoy some local music and dance provided by our crew. If the conditions are right, and enough drink has flowed, you may get to experience the infamous, secret “Alien Adventure”.

Day 7: Our last dive will depend on morning conditions, but usually guests want to return to Blue Magic! After diving, we will to a deserted island, Sonek Kacil. Here, we can paddleboard and kayak, have a snorkel, or just relax on the pristine beach before we head back to the harbor for lunch.

After eating, we’ll then have a debriefing, take some photos and say our farewells. The ferry leaves Waisai at 2 pm and arrives at Sorong harbor at 4 pm (approximate times).

Marine Life: Raja Ampat well known as the most Biodiverse Marine Ecosystem on the planet is home to 540 types of corals, more than 1000 types of coral fish, and 700 types of Mollusks. (75% of the world’s species live here). Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Dolphins, Silver Tip Sharks, Walking Bamboo Sharks, Wobbegong Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Wunderpus, Mimic Octopus, Ribbon Eels, Bump Head Parrot Fish, Napolian Maori Wrasse, Pygmy Seahorse, Great Barracuda, Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish, Frog Fish, Bat Fish, Potatoe Grouper, Nudibranches, Large Schools of Pelagic Fish and 6 of the 7 species of Sea Turtle to name but a few. Arguably the best dive location in the world.

The last dive will be on the final day of the trip at around 8 am. Divers are recommended to wait for 24 hours before flying after the last dive.

If guests have earlier flights, then we will put them on the 9 am ferry to Sorong, this will arrive at approx 11 am, so they will have time to make their afternoon flight. So, you will not do a morning dive.

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