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Spots: Dampier Strait-Misool-Halmahera
Reception at Sorong airport. Transfer to the boat. Welcome drink, briefing. Departure in the afternoon. Check-dive.


Dampier strait. Check dive ain Mioskon, 2 dives in Dampier (Sardine reef et Manta Sandy). NIght dive. Night Navigation to Misool.

DAY 3-7

Balbulol / Farondi, 3 plongées. Love potion, No contest, Farondi caves Iles Daram, Andy’s Ultimate, Andiamo, Candy store. Night dive. Boo, Shadow reef, Yellet. Fiabacet, 4 dives. Tank rock, nudi rock, Dunia kecil. Night dive. Pelee. 4 kings, Kaleidoscope, Pele’s playground. Overnight navigation to Pisang island.


Pisang Island. 3 dives. Such a beautiful and untouched reef. Extraordinary colors especially at the end of the dive close to the pinnacles. A lot of colorful soft coral beautiful morning dive with dream landscape. Nudis, boxer crab, turtle, big Murray eels, solo big barracuda, no current, great viz.


Patinti Strait. Proco island: Blacktips, grey reef sharks, tasars, dogtooth tuna, mini canyons, and overhangs… Saleh Besar, drifting in the channel with a succession of mini-canyons and rock blocks… Very fishy. Kusu: very nice garden coral, millions of glassfish, nice coral, Pygmy, leaf fish, school of sweetlips under a small rock, bamboo shark, and hundreds of reef fish Pulau Nanas: very nice spot beautiful and colorful coral. Glass fish schools, various nudis, blue hairy crab, lobster, scorpionfish, crocodile fish

DAY 10-12

Pulau Goweba, a small group of islands in West of Pulau Siko. In North, pinnacles, rocks, and the splendid wall that go straight to the outside of the reef then go down to 50 meters. Some napoleons as well as jackfish and bumphead parrots. A tunnel waits for us at 10 meters. Pintu Manis, the best dive in Goriachi. Extended rock from West to East that owns a superb coral. Blacktips, napoleons, tasars, sweetlips, etc… Pulau Laigoma, nice drifting in shallow water, perfect for a first dive of the day. Blacktips, bumphead parrots, tasars, and beautiful hard corals in the 5 meters. Batu Tajam: blacktip, napoleon, big sweetlips. Ecuador: blacktip, big red scorpionfishes, nudis, crabs, nice and quiet reef. Lilai jetty: hectic current, black manta passing by near the jetty, bamboo sharks. Pipefish, crabs

Barracudas, surgeonfishes, Bumphead parrotfish, Trevallies and giant trevallies, spadefish. Napoleon wrasse, wobbegong, tunas, bonitos, waow, manta rays, mobulas, seahorse, frogfish, leaf fish, scorpionfish, Black corals forests, gorgonian fields, soft corals, gorgonian fields and so much more.

The last dive will be on the penultimate day of the trip at around 10 am. Divers are recommended to wait for 24hours before flying after the last dive

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Raja Ampat – Halmahera

From: $6818 /pp
April 14, 2025
Sorong (SOQ)
April 25, 2025
Ternate (TTE)

Raja Ampat – Halmahera