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Day 1: Pick up at Tual airport, transfer to the boat, welcome drink, and accommodation. Check dive in the afternoon at one of the reefs surrounding Tual. Overnight sailing to Dampier Straits.

Day 2: Either two dives in the morning on The Passage or on the black sand slopes of South Batanta, such as Black Beauty or Happy Ending.

Day 3: Dive the reefs around Kawe, such as Eagle Rock, Changgo, and Black Reef, and a night dive in the vicinity of the anchorage.

Day 4: Dive one of the cave systems in Uranie, and other signature sites of the north route, such as the Cathedral and Magic Mushroom.

Day 5: Full diving day in Wayag, diving Pelagic Rock, Figure Eight Island, and any other of the mushroom rocks outside this beautiful natural anchorage. Ascent to the viewpoint in the afternoon and night dive in the lagoon.

Day 6: Dive Aljuy Bay in West Waigeo. Critter diving around Waterlogged, and visit to the pearl farm to witness the process of this interesting industry. Night dive on the jetties of the pearl farm.

Day 7: Dive around the Penemu area, in My Reef, Melissa’s Garden, The Lagoon… Afternoon ascent to a viewpoint in Fam.

Day 8: Dive the jetties of Arborek and the manta sites in Mansuar.

Day 9: Early morning excursion under the canopy at Gam to see the birds of paradise. Diving in Mike’s Point, Cape Kri, and night dive in Yenbeser.

Day 10: Diving in the fabulous reefs in the Dampier Straits: Sardine reef, Blue Magic, and Mioskon amongst others. Sail back to Sorong to fly the morning after.

Day 11: Transfer to the airport after breakfast.

Marine Life: At least 75 percent of all coral species can be found in Raja Ampat, divers can expect a range of topography from soft corals and sea fans, to hard corals, seagrass beds, mangroves, shallow reefs, deep drop-offs, caves, black sand, and white sand. Giant manta rays, sea turtles, sharks, cuttlefish, pipefish, various seahorse species, and massive schools of reef fish are the norm, plus the delightful wobbegong sharks and Epaulette sharks inhabit these waters too.

(*) the itinerary description provided by the boat operator.

The last dive will be on the penultimate day of the trip. Divers are recommended to wait for 24 hours before flying after the last dive.

Sample itineraries and maps are for illustrative purposes only. The exact route and sites visited are subject to change based on local regulations, guest experience, weather, and logistics, and are at the Captain’s discretion.

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Raja Ampat & Kai Islands

From: $4186 /pp
November 21, 2024
Tual (AMQ)
December 1, 2024
Sorong (SOQ)

Raja Ampat & Kai Islands