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Guest reception at Sorong airport, check in, welcome drink, briefing, departure in the evening. According to the weather forecast, we will start the tour in the south or the North. In this schedule, we present the option of starting in the South. Overnight Navigation through Sele Strait to reach the East of Misool. Arrival in the early morning.

DAY 2 – 4

In East Misool, you will discover 3 fantastic dives: No contest, Love potion, 3 Rocks. Rocks with vertical walls and fantastic coverage of soft corals, a lot of fishes with schools of Platax, aggregations of snappers, bump head parrotfishes. We spend the night in the hidden lagoon, a very special anchorage inside an almost closed bay surrounded by high rocks. From the boat, we can hear and see the cachants before the night falls. We will go with the dinghies to have a look at another lagoon.

After short morning navigation, we will go to Misool South East and start another day of diving in the vicinity of Misool eco-resort: Boo Rocks with 2 large openings in the rock that completely pierce the island from the surface to 5 meters deep, Fiabacet, Fantasea. Again an explosion of colours and fish density. In the evening, we organize a dinner on the beach of a small island. Misool east. Fashion dives in Misool, Yellit Kecil, a great wall with excellent fans and soft corals, rock tank, Nudi rock. Night navigation to Penemu and Fam Islands. Overnight navigation to Penemu.


Spots: Black Rock, Black forest.

Penemu North, a Barracuda, has a long, long life with great aggregations of fishes (barracudas, fusiliers and bannerfish), Galaxy, a great reef with excellent fish life, an excellent site for its hard corals. Navigation to Aljuy bay.

DAY 6 – 7

Spots: Chango Dive Site, Eagle Rock.

After an early morning dive at Mayhem, a very high voltage submerged reef, we enter Aljui Bay, which has 20 long indentation kilometres on the western side of Waigeo. We do 2 dives in the bay (Wofoh and Intersection), then one of the best night dives of the Raja Empat under the peer of a pearl farm that is settled there. We still do 2 dives in Aljuy bay, Aljui 1 and the Channel. These two dives we will have a short visit to the pearl farm if their work schedule allows it. Night navigation to Wayag islands.


Wayag, the northern point of our cruise is a fantastic quartz islets labyrinth. We dive Quoy, rock cathedral, and Wayag ridge. In the late afternoon, we climb to a small mountain to admire the wonderful landscape of the area.


After a first dive in Wayag ( figure eight ), we go to the Kawe island where we dive Black rock and eagle rock. Night dive. Night navigation to Dampier Strait.

DAY 10 – 11

A first morning dive at Citrus – at the entrance of the Dampier Strait, a channel with sloping sides covered with soft corals and life-then with a reliable manta ray congregation at manta sandy. Cape Kri, one of the largest concentrations of big fish on the northern Raja Ampat; schools of trevally, barracudas, bannerfish, sweetlips. Night diveTwo other famous and fabulous dives in the Dampier Strait, Chicken reef, and sardine reef. The boat will sail to Sorong where it will arrive during the evening.

Breakfast, Check-out according to guests’ flight schedule. Transfer to the airport, check-in assistance.

Marine Life: Barracudas, surgeonfishes, Bumphead parrotfish, Trevallies and giant trevallies, spadefish. Napoleon wrasse, wobbegong, tunas, bonitos, manta rays, mobulas, Seahorse, frogfish, leaffish, scorpionfish, Black corals forests, gorgonian fields, soft corals, gorgonian fields and so much more.

The main highlight of the area is the gorgeous abundance of life, both the fixed fauna such as corals and gorgonians and the stunning abundance of fish. Trevallies, barracudas, bump-head parrotfish, spadefish, surgeonfish, fusiliers often form big schools on the reefs. Mantas rays are generally present on at least two dive sites, and encounters with bigger fishes as tunas, Spanish mackerels, reef sharks and the “carpet shark” – Wobbegong – are frequent.

What makes this trip very special

That’s all-in-1:

Misool & Dampier Strait: Excellent wide-angle, amazing biodiversity with mantas and lots of fish. Colourful soft corals and macro. Batanta in this area is known for the macro dives.

The North: the amazing landscape of the small islands. Great underwater life although less spectacular than the South.

Raja Ampat has often been qualified as the “last frontier” and this is really the feeling you will get in this area: one of the rare untouched places on earth. The topographies of the dive sites are also very diverse and interesting: pinnacles, ridges, walls, caves, rock formations and lagoons…

You will discover the incredible landscapes of this area; during our cruise, we will propose you visit at least one village, a short trek, and many short trips with the dinghies to explore the beaches and other lagoons. Another optional trek is also proposed to look for the Birds of Paradise.

The last dive will be on the penultimate day of the trip at around 10 am. Divers are recommended to wait for 24 hours before flying after the last dive.

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