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Discover the Untamed Beauty of Sangihe

Sangihe’s allure lies in its untouched wilderness and isolation. This remote paradise boasts dramatic landscapes where calderas emerge from golden beaches, and by night, the Siau volcano lights up the sky with its fiery red lava. Adventure seekers can dive into an underwater volcano or explore the Ruang Lava Flow—a vast expanse of black lava cascading down the mountainside and transforming into a stunning coral reef as it meets the ocean.

Dive into Mahengetang Volcano

One of the most extraordinary experiences in Sangihe is diving at the Mahengetang Volcano. This underwater marvel, with its vent just below the surface, offers a rare opportunity to explore a living volcano beneath the waves. The site is a desolate landscape adorned with massive boulders and constant streams of bubbles rising to the surface, a testament to the gasses escaping from the volcano’s depths. The area is covered in a yellow dusting of sulfur deposits, creating an otherworldly scene. Look closer, and you’ll discover tiny sea stars, algae, small worms, and budding corals—a young coral reef beginning to flourish. Meanwhile, the opposite side of the volcano has been fully colonized, transforming a once barren seascape into a vibrant coral reef.

Explore Biaro Island

The southernmost island of the Sangihe archipelago, Biaro Island, is a diver’s haven with its plateau adorned with patch reefs, pinnacles, and a rich cover of soft corals. The waters here teem with marine life, including schools of sweetlips, snappers, and the distinctive bump-head parrotfish, offering a vivid underwater tableau for divers to explore.

Sangihe Diving Expedition: Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome Aboard

Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by the crew and transferred from the airport or hotel to the ship. Following a warm welcome and briefing by our Cruise Director, guests will be shown to their cabins and introduced to the ship’s amenities and safety protocols. This is an opportunity to settle in, set up diving equipment, and prepare for the adventure ahead.

Days 2-8: Dive into Adventure

Each day, guests will enjoy 3-4 dives, including night dives whenever conditions permit. On days with crossings, the schedule adjusts to accommodate 2 dives per day. This flexible itinerary allows divers to experience the full range of Sangihe’s underwater treasures.

Day 9: Final Dives

The penultimate day of the trip features 1-2 final dives before the ship returns to the harbor. Divers are advised to observe a 24-hour surface interval before flying after their last dive to ensure safety.

Day 10: Departure

On the final day, guests will have breakfast before preparing for disembarkation and check-out. The crew will facilitate the transfer to the airport and assist with check-in procedures for onward flights, bidding farewell to guests and wishing them safe travels.

Important Notes

  • The itinerary provided is a sample and subject to change based on factors such as local regulations, weather conditions, guest preferences, and logistical considerations.
  • The Captain retains the discretion to alter the route and dive sites to ensure the best experience for all guests.

This reimagined version captures the essence and excitement of Sangihe’s diving adventures while ensuring a fresh perspective and originality.

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Sangihe Island Trip

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March 23, 2025
April 1, 2025

Sangihe Island Trip