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Day 1: Embarkation

Arrival with a plane to Kaimana. You will be picked up by crew members at the airport.

Embarkation in the port of Kaimana and start to sailing to Pulau Dramai.


Day 2: Kaimana Regency

Kaimana Regency starts to declare a 6000 sq km Marine Protected Area in 2008, and its area is around the waters of Kaimana and Triton Bay. The marine biodiversity here is beyond fantastic and continues to surprise us with new finds every time we go diving.

Some called it “the next frontier of Indonesian Diving” or “the last best place”, Triton Bay offers something for everyone both above and below the waves.

Even though the visibility in Triton Bay is generally quite poor; due to the incredibly nutrient-rich water, it means that it has tremendous soft coral growth and lots of schooling fish.

And best of all you will be one of only a few divers enjoying the waters in this very remote area.

After an initial general dive briefing, we will do our check dive with you at an easy and protected dive site. Check dive in the sense of you checking your gear and weights, making sure the camera housings are proper sealed and our guides checking your buoyancy. No skill demonstrations are required. We will spend our day diving in the area of “Pulau Dramai”. Our preferred dive spot is “Batu Jeruk”, “Tim Rock”, “Goby Gully” and “7th Heaven”.

For this first dive, we will expect to see a school of Fusilier, Giant Grouper, Turtles, Bump Heads, Wobbegongs, Jacks, Sweet Lips and for sure some beautiful soft corals.


Day 3: Pulau Aiduma

With a little navigation, we will reach in “Pulau Aiduma”. Which is the most beautiful dive spot in Triton Bay. We will dive in a very famous spot of “Larry’s Heaven” North and South, once you dive in you will be stunned with the colors and the biodiversity of this dive spot. “Black Forest” which has nice boulder formations covered in black coral. And night dive will be a first-class dive with a good potential to see the walking shark.


Day 4: Pulau Namatota

Around Pulau Namatota, there are floating fishing platform ( Bagan ) with a bright light on it.

The Bagan only starts to operate in the night to attract fishes with the light and trap the fishes on the net, which very early in the morning the fisherman will come and lift the full net of fishes before the sunrise. So, it is good timing to attract the whale shark to stay around the Bagan.

On this day we have to wake up early before the fisherman pulls out the net or the sunrise.

In the afternoon, we will move to Tanjung Papisoi, here we will dive in “335sp Pinnacle”, which means that in this place was counted 335 different species of fishes and corals.

We will not have a night dive at this night, due to long navigation to “Pulau Koon”.


Day 5: Pulau Pisang

Located just halfway between Triton Bay and Raja Ampat South, Pulau Pisang offers a nice diving stop on the way, the condition of the reef is very good and the marine life is plentiful. Here there are excellent conditions for sighting pelagic like barracudas, eagle rays, Bumhead, napoleon wrasse and sometimes manta rays. We can find also many macro animals Like hippocampus Bargibanti. The diving is most along a wall, some areas are the dense cover of black coral and sponges, and some big Boomies witch a good cover of fans where we can find the pigmy seahorses. Close to the surface, there is a spectacular cave which is full of glassfish


Day 6: Fiabatjet

Right in the heart of the No-Take-Zone. ‘Tank Rock’, ‘Nudi Rock’ & ‘Whale Rock’ are the famous and commonly dived sites here. There are five more dive sites in the very proximity which are as good, if not even better. We prefer to go a bit off the beaten track here.

The reefs are covered in soft coral in all colors you can imagine. Surrounded by most colorful reef fish. More Fusiliers than one could possibly count. Jacks, Trevallies, Barracudas, Sharks.

And if you happen to dive here on a day with bad visibility. Just face the reef. It’s packed with macro life. Several species of Pygmy Seahorses, Nudibranchs, tiny Crustaceans – every niche in these reefs are filled with life.


Day 7: Fiabatjet

This particular area of SE Misool is just too good to only spend one day here. And the dive sites we know of here are plenty to offer a great variety of world-class diving.


Day 8: Boo / Warakaraket

The swim-through at ‘Boo Windows’ is one of the signature dive sites of SE Misool. The surrounding reef is covered in sea fans. Even bigger sea fans you will see at our second dive here at ‘Hidung Boo’. We combine this impressive day of diving with at least one dive at ‘Magic Mountain’. Being a cleaning station for Oceanic Mantas makes this place truly magical.


Day 9: Wayil

Barracuda Rock, Wedding Cake and Dunia Kecil are the dive sites which we will spend this day at.

In the afternoon we offer a two-hour speedboat ride into hidden coves to let you enjoy the stunning topside of the limestone islands. In the end we will get to a pristine white sand beach where you can cool off with a little swim.


Day 10: Sel Pele

Raja Ampat means ‘Four Kings’ and this is also the name of a dive site on the way to the island group of Sel Pele. Four pinnacles that are not only connected by their topography but also a fish soup surrounding them. After the morning dive here we will show you some of our secret spots.


Day 11: Daram

This island group is one of our favorite areas to dive into SE Misool. Since 2010 declared as the second no-take zone in the area the marine life here is abundant and most colorful.

We will spend the whole day here and offer four world-class dives. We have a very nice diving spot there like “Andiamo”,” Camel Rock” and “Candy Store”. Fusiliers, batfish, blacktip sharks, eagle rays and other pelagics are the possibilities of meeting there and we find also a nice macro life.


Day 12: Disembarkation in Sorong

Depending on your flight schedule, our crew will check your luggage in for you in advance so you can rest on board and let us shuttle you to the airport when your plane is ready to leave.

The last dive will be on the penultimate day of the trip at around 4 pm. Divers are recommended to wait for 24 hours before flying after the last dive.

Please note that the itineraries are examples only, We reserve the right to change the itinerary or specific agreed services, if force majeure, unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances require us to do so.

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Triton Bay & Raja Ampat

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March 3, 2025
March 14, 2025

Triton Bay & Raja Ampat