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Typical cruise itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Kaimana and check dive

Arrive at Kaimana Airport. Transfer to the boat. Breakfast and introduction to the crew. Boat briefing about the schedule of the cruise and the safety and general rules on board.3 hours of navigation to Namatote Island, for a check Dive. We will spend the rest of the day relaxing around the Sagin Island area, where the boat will drop the anchor for the night.

Day 2: Whale shark and Aiduma

The whole morning will be dedicated to swimming and diving with the whale sharks, around those fishing platforms called Bagans. We will dive twice under the platform, where it is common to spot up to 7 or 8 Whale sharks at a time. The boat will then make short navigation during lunchtime, to reach Orombai Island, where a third dive is scheduled. Another hour of navigation will be needed to drop the anchor for the night in the Northwest of Aiduma.

Day 3: Iris Strait (North)

  • Saruenus Island: Though there are different ways to dive this site, the south-east part, with these submerged rocks (also called Little Komodo) is the most interesting. We will dive a second time around Saruenus. For the most experienced divers enjoying current dives, the western part of the island is perfect for some good drift dives. For the underwater photographs, the South of the island is a paradise.
  • Bo’s Rainbow: The afternoon dive is scheduled around this rock. The southern part has some nice boulders colonized by black coral bushes. Schools of fusiliers and surgeonfish are hovering around those slopes. On the shallow, a tunnel dissects the rock.

Day 4: Iris Strait

We will dive the South of the Iris Strait twice from two different entering points.

  • Christmas Rock: One of the best dive sites of the area with a great fish action around some rocks covered with colorful soft coral.
  • BatuJeruk: Is another fishy rock. Back to the Northern side of the Strait, we will dive BatuJatuh. Diving in a scenery of soft and hard corals with great chances to watch Eagle rays or Mobulas.  Navigating back to the Bagan area, 2 more ‘’whale shark’’ dives will be organized with the Bagan fishermen in the next morning.

Day 5: Whale Sharks and Mauwara

Scuba diving twice or just snorkeling with these gentle giants will be the morning activity. The afternoon will be spent around the Mauwara area, where we will have a third dive at Deep Rock and then relax and enjoy the beauty of the lagoon. Overnight navigation to the remote Sanggala Bay.

Day 6: Sanggala Bay and Mommon Peninsula

First dive in Mommon mount offering some great show of pelagic in an intact reef. The second dive of the day will be a macro dive in Sanggala Bay. This bay offers some epic landscapes with lush rainforests and mangroves. The icing on the cake: a dinghy ride to the powerful Sangalla Waterfall that falls straight into the ocean. Definitely one of the highlights of the cruise. Only 2 dives are scheduled on this day because of the early departure to the deserted Pisang Islands. Arrival there by morning the day after.

Day 7: Pisang Islands

The landscape at Pisang Island is absolutely breathtaking with some wonderful limestone rocks emerging from turquoise lagoons with deserted white sand beaches, and luxuriant vegetation with many coconut trees. Three dives are planned around the Pisang Islands. Two dives at T-Bone Reef and the third one at LighthouseAnother half-night of navigation will be needed to reach Misool and the Raja Ampat area.

Day 8: Misool (Daram)

We will propose 3 dives on the first day at Misool Area.

  • Sitting Bull: a submerged reef located in East Misool, particularly stunning at rising tide. Yellowfin barracudas, big eye trevallies and schools of surgeon and damselfish.
  • Andiamo: Two underwater pinnacles covered with sea fans and sponges full of fish creating some sort of colorful circus.
  • Baby Rock: The eastern part of this tiny rock has an exceptional topography: wall, canyon, and pinnacle. You have it all! To the west, a great fish activity can be observed on the slope. Anchoring for the night in the North of Yilliet.

Day 9: Misool (Warakaraket and Boo)

The Cruise continues in the Misool Area with 3 dives proposed today.

  • Magic Mountain: Magic Mountain gathers all the “Raja Ampat expectations”. Biodiversity is at its best here. Schools of trevallies, napoleon wrasse, groupers, different species of barracudas, sharks, Spanish mackerels. And last but not least Oceanic Manta Rays are often hovering around to get cleaned. Some dolphins and whale sharks can also be spotted there.
  • Gas Ridge: Another site and another seamount in the Warakaraket area. This ridge is also a cleaning station for Oceanic and Alfredis Manta Rays. Its peak stands at 13 meters beneath the surface. Some big boulders covered with sea fans attract schools of fish in the 20 meters zone.
  • Whale Rock: Just like in almost every dive site of the area, a great variety of pygmy seahorses can be spotted (Denise or Barbiganti species mostly). To explore this site, we will cross over a little channel between two small islands. Linked together by an underwater reef and a pinnacle, Whale Rock is full of fish.  Anchoring again the whole night in the North of Yilliet.

Day 10: Misool (Fiabacet)

Moving north in the beautiful surrounding, Jakare will find its way through the Misool karts system. We will propose the following 3 dives in the Fiabacet area.

  • Fiabacet Ridge: This underwater ridge links the sites of Tank Rock and Nudi Rock. Grey sharks, groupers, and yellowfin barracudas are numerous there. We may dive this site in different ways depending on the currents.
  • Fiabacet Pinnacle: A seamount that is famous for the numerous schools of fish everywhere.
  • Boo Windows: A reference! named like this from the two rock formations with holes eroded, which allow the divers to swim through. Amazing site with dramatic topography. Napoleon wrasse, batfish but also ghost pipefish can be found here. Back to the same night anchorage in Yilliet.

Day 11: Misool (Balbulol)

Jakare will sail northward towards our last stop before heading to Sorong. Balbulol offers amazing sceneries and good diving.

  • Taka Saleh: This seamount is made of four pinnacles. From the smallest to the biggest, this underwater reef has explosive marine life.
  • No Contest: Underwater ridge with multiple pinnacles. It is exposed to the currents and therefore you find some great action going on.
  • Balbulol Corner: A shallow dive in a wonderful cave. The entrance is an open canyon covered with soft coral. A haven for nudibranchs.  Dinghy ride in the amazing lagoon of Balbulol. Sugar loafs crystal clear waters… mind-blowing landscapes. Overnight navigation back to Sorong. Arrive early in the morning.

Day 12: End of Cruise – Check out

Breakfast on board. Transfer to the airport or your hotel depending on your plans.

A Cruise that offers the Magics of South Raja Ampat combined with the marine protected area of Triton Bay, still confidential.

According to marine biologists’ reports, biodiversity in this area is the highest recorded in the world, with 1508 species of fish, 537 species of coral (75% of the world’s species), and nearly 700 species of mollusks, marine life is impressive wealth.

Starting with Triton Bay, still a confidential Marine Protected Area of 6000 km2 and known to attract a large number of whale sharks. This area has preserved waters and very rich reefs, which makes it one of the world’s capitals of soft coral.

Going further north, the boat will make a stop around the island of Pisang, still little known to Liveaboards, before reaching the Misool area.

Misool, surrounded by these unique karst formations and primary forests is a unique experience. The 425 km2 of Marine Protected Area has been demarcated by the Eco Resort of Misool in agreement with the local owners of this magnificent land. Extended in 2010 to 1220 km2, this area offers divers a veritable festival.

We offer Discovery and Diving Cruises in and outside the National Parks, lasting 12 Days/11 Nights, open for divers and non-divers. Each cruise is unique, and tailor-made based on the group composition and desires. Daily programs are presented, discussed, and confirmed with the guests onboard every evening for the day after. We organize our cruise to suit every need, without compromises.

For the divers, we propose up to 3 dives per day, sometimes 4 dives/day with a night dive. Activities for non-divers and divers include snorkeling, kayaking and Stand up Paddle, trekking, pristine beach discovery, village discovery, bird and animal watching. All locations are carefully selected.

All activities are guided, including snorkeling.

We also propose Yoga/breathing/relaxation and Free Diving activities on demand, with highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Wish lists are sent to the guests 2 months before departure and detailed programs are issued to the guests one month before departure.

We also send our Carnet de Board 2 months before departure, with a compilation of useful and practical information related to the Cruise.

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Triton Bay – Raja Ampat (Kaimana – Sorong)

From: $4800 /pp
April 24, 2024
Kaimana (KNG)
May 4, 2024
Sorong (SOQ)

Triton Bay – Raja Ampat (Kaimana – Sorong)