Citrus Ridge Dive Site in

Raja Ampat

This dive site is sometimes called the aquarium due to the dense populations of corals. If you’re a coral lover, then Citrus Ridge is undoubtedly not to be overlooked.

The ridge is surrounded by lush and thick mangrove forests on each side, providing underwater shelter for marine life. Around 14 meters in depth, your eyes will be pampered with the burst of colorful corals, ranging from deep oranges, yellows, greens, pinks, purples, and reds. From afar, it is as if you see a citrus garden—no wonder this site is often cited as one of the most colorful reefs in Raja Ampat.

The amount of soft corals in Citrus Ridge means you can also spot octopus, pufferfish, spadefish, barracuda, and even green turtles, among other reef fish swimming between the corals.

Did you know that

Citrus Ridge

is in

Raja Ampat