Diving in Triton Bay

Triton Bay can be found in the most Southern part of West Papua, which is perfect; it truly makes you feel you are away from civilization. There are plenty of smaller islands dotted around with some fantastic and hidden treasures.
Due to the Location of Triton Bay, and the fact that is it very secluded means its the perfect location for tremendous Coral Reef Growth, and nutrient-rich waters.

Back in 2006, the Kaimana Marine Protection Area was created and now extends to many other parts of Triton Bay.
The are was attracted by its Large distribution of Coral Reefs the provide miles and miles of impeccable habitats which are perfect for Scuba Diving.

Triton Bay is similar to other areas of Raja Ampat in its beauty and landscapes, with some impressive scenery, and towering cliffs. Whales and whale sharks are in abundance here and another reason for the Protection to the area.

What to see

Wobbegong, Schooling Reef Fish, Trevally, Bumphead parrotfish, Pygmy seahorse, Unique crabs & shrimps, Plentiful reef life, Soft corals, Caves & caverns, Green turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Giant frogfish

Getting there

To get to Triton Bay, you have to land and enter in Kaimana which is on the Northwest of the bay. For ease of travel, we would suggest that you fly from Jakarta and then via Sorong or Ambon. You can use either Air Asia or Garuda which overnights so that you arrive nice and early into Kaimana, which is great for you to meet your guides and head to your Liveaboard. Both Air Asia and Garuda offer get add on packages for additional luggage and Diving Equipment. If however you are around or land in Bali, you can go via Makassar and Ambon before heading to Sorong and finally onto Kaimana.

Kaimana (KNG)

Liveaboards in Triton Bay

Tidak ApaPa

from: $195
Hatiku Liveaboard Indonesia - Amazing Indonesia


from: $385

El Aleph

from: $Price on Request
Kalimantan Explorer - Liveaboard Indonesia (34)

Kalimantan Explorer

Busy Girl

from: $181

Gaya Baru Indah

from: $277

Popular Dive Sites in Triton Bay

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*Please note that all itineraires and dive information provided is only a sample of what you can expect on your trip. Please understand that changes made be made on the fly, which can be based on the guests, weather and other unforseen conditions.

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