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Muck diving may be the primary reason divers go to Ambon, but an underrated dive spot like this one is hard to miss. Located close to Ambon’s harbor, exploring the wreck of this cargo ship should be on every diver’s itinerary.

With the stern lying at approximately 15 meters and the bow at around 35 meters, this wreck has been underwater since 1958. Though formally the Duke of Sparta was renamed SS Aquilla when sold to a new owner, the original name stuck. Though the visibility is not the best, the various types of corals and sponges that covered the wreck should be rewarding. Bringing a dive light is advisable because divers can explore some cargo compartments due to their massive structure.

Marine critters like moray eels, nudibranchs, frogfish, shrimps, emperor angelfish, lionfish, and boxfish can be found hiding or camouflaging along the wreck’s length, reaching 137 meters!

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