Horseshoe Bay Dive Site in

Komodo National Park

Horseshoe Bay is not one but consists of some iconic dive sites in the south end of Komodo. The Yellow Wall of Texas, Cannibal Rock, and Torpedo Alley comprise this area.

Superb marine (and some rare creatures!) like tiny ladybug-like amphipods, the endemic sea apples, and fire urchins with Coleman shrimp, tiger crabs, torpedo rays, Bobbit worms, cardinal fish, parrot fish, and many other reef fish. Cleaner shrimp, reef crabs, decorator crabs, slipper lobsters, spiny lobsters, Spanish dancers, sea stars,  and cat sharks can also be found here.

If you wish to do a night dive, this area is also perfect for exploring, as many nocturnal creatures come out that will leave a lasting impression on you.

Did you know that

Horseshoe Bay

is in

Komodo National Park