Lava Flow Dive Site in

Banda Islands

One of the most unique features of this dive site is that the Gunung Api eruption in the 1980s created a lava flow, hence its name. The black sandy bottom makes an exciting backdrop for the colorful table corals, cabbage leaf corals, and especially the Acropora colony. Some of the giant Acropora corals in Indonesia are found in this region.

Though the hot lava from the eruption destroyed all the corals and marine life, once it cooled down, something magical happened. A fertile ground was created, and corals and marine life grew in high numbers compared to the area not covered by lava. In more than 30 years, the coral growth here can be considered outstanding as in other areas; the same level of development needs at least over 70 years to form.

Some of the fish that you will encounter here are cuttlefish, which are numerous in Lava Flow. Parrotfish, batfish, wrasse, and triggerfish make diving in this area colorful despite the blackness of the sea floor.

Did you know that

Lava Flow

is in

Banda Islands