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These three dive sites are located close to each other and share the same commonality: the sightings of manta rays. In these spots, divers can witness the majestic manta rays gliding in the water, looking for rich plankton, which are abundant in these areas.

At a depth of around 28 meters, manta rays can be seen in groups of 20 to 50, something that cannot be experienced in many dive sites in the world. The manta rays also use the areas as their cleaning stations where smaller fishes feed off the parasites of the manta rays’ bodies. Here, divers will also get the chance to spot melanistic manta rays, which means instead of the grey, these mantas have black colors covering most of their bodies, making it a more rewarding and special experience.

Aside from manta rays, other marine life can be seen in these dive sites. Gorgonians, soft corals, and barrel sponges create a home for clownfish, flatworms, leaf fish, and nudibranchs can be found among the crevices, while reef fish like frogfish, parrotfish, angelfish, triggerfish, sweetlips, scorpionfish, and lionfish are swimming swiftly around the reef.

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