Siladen Jetty Dive Site in

Bunaken and Siladen

One of the best dive sites in the Bunaken archipelago, the Siladen Jetty is sandwiched between the islands of Bunaken and Siladen. The pristine corals, both soft and hard corals, are in the shallow reefs, promising what lies beyond that.

Reef fish like butterflyfish, damselfish, angelfish, and parrotfish are commonly spotted going in and out of the coral reefs. Going deeper, the wall is adorned with enormous sponges and gorgonians in different shades. Anemones and anemonefish are the stars in this dive site, specifically on the shallow reefs, while the juvenile reef sharks sometimes use the crevices and little caves in the wall as hiding spots.

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Siladen Jetty

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Bunaken and Siladen