TNS (Teun, Nila, Serua) Dive Site in

The Forgotten Islands

The three volcanic islands, often referred to as TNS, with Serua being the second largest after Nila, are one of the dive spots in The Forgotten Islands that caters more to experienced divers.

Located far in the open sea, the marine life in this region can only be described as rich schools of jacks, barracudas, and tunas are swimming in the deeper waters while butterflyfish, parrotfish, triggerfish, trevallies, snappers, and groupers are gliding by among the colorful soft and hard corals.

If you’re lucky, an encounter with whale sharks is possible due to the region being part of the migration route of this gentle giant. In Serua, it is reported a school of hammerhead sharks has been regularly sighted.

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TNS (Teun, Nila, Serua)

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The Forgotten Islands