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Located on the east part of Halmahera, bordering directly to Halmahera Sea, this dive spot is still rarely visited by divers due to its location. The lack of visitors means that the coral reef ecosystems are almost pristine.

The coral reefs, like staghorn corals, boulder corals, and plating corals, grow and thrive without any natural disturbance since the area does not experience tropical storms. Some reef fish species like angelfish, butterflyfish, and parrotfish have made these healthy corals their home. Barracuda, groupers, and trevallies can also be seen roaming around the waters of Weda Bay.

Various species of shrimps and crabs, pygmy seahorses, and octopuses can be spotted hiding in the crannies of the coral reef, so you need to pay close attention as they are master of camouflaging.

The remarkable thing about this dive site is the Halmahera walking sharks (Hemiscyllium Halmahera), discovered in 2013. The discovery of this bamboo shark meant that six of nine species of walking sharks could be found in Indonesia, and the encounter with this creature will surely be a pivotal point in Weda Bay.

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